19 December 2007

Gastronomical News

Since worship was cancelled Sunday due to inclement weather, I hopped in the truck and drove down to pick up a copy of the NYTimes.  (What I was thinking purchasing a small tome of news I have no idea.  Did I really imagine a day of leisure reading the paper with three kids trapped in the house all day?  I suppose I did).  Sometime after the kids were put to bed I was able to start on the Sunday magazine.  And wouldn't you know it an article by Michael Pollan.  

But this morning's Times had an even greater article on a magazine on the love of meat written by former vegetarians.  This line in particular is simply priceless: Both are in their early 30s, and both were once committed vegetarians. “We find over and over again that bacon is the conversion meat,” Ms. Standen said. “Bacon is how vegetarians change their minds.

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