18 December 2007

100 Books for 2008

First things first. For some reason family members, friends and even colleagues will ask me questions about suits. I suppose since I wear a suit 75% of the time I am some kind of unofficial know-it-all. All I know is what I have read about picking out a suit, spending some time in suit shops perusing the goods and paying close attention to the fashion in old movies. This morning I was searching for a suit brush when I found this great synopsis on picking out a suit.

Now to the issue at hand. I have decided to read 100 books for 2008. I am compiling a list of 80 books leaving space for 20 wildcards (new releases, new discoveries or expedient resources). I am trying to amass a list from a wide variety of authors and subjects. Furthermore (a word that we should use at least 3 times a day) I am asking for your help. Will you send me your recommendations of books you love(d) to read?

Let me further add that this is not a true 100 books for 2008 list. I am figure I need to give myself a "rolling start." I am, therefore (a word overtly used), including in the 100 books that I have already started and have yet to finish. We all have half read books laying around, haphazardly placed on nightstand or stashed in a briefcase somewhere. I am finishing all of these and going forward.

Suggestions are greatly appreciated. I will post the final list before the end of the month. Either email at gtnorvell@gmail.com or leave your suggestions as a comment to this post.

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hawk said...

I'm about finished with The Dark Materials trilogy. Good stuff.