17 December 2007


First, glad to see Huggins is not wearing just sweats any more.

Second, I laughed when I heard my brother-in-law tell me that at the last WVU basketball game a student held up a sign that read "Huggy, can you coach football too?"  I did laugh at this report.

Third, while I was at the coffee shop last week the dude behind the counter had a Patriots shirt that I wouldn't mind buying: it had a player in the classic Michael Jordan in mid-air-about-to-dunk- pose only the player held a football.  Below the figure were the words: Air Moss.  

Fourth, the winter (although it is not winter yet) storm that targeted New England this week brought another 8 inches early Sunday morning, followed by freezing rain and then just rain. Around 8 in the morning I called the moderator and we decided to cancel worship - everyone else did too.  Canceling worship services on a Sunday on the one hand is a treat, on the other hand it really stinks, especially when if you follow the lectionary!  After Epiphany I am officially chunking the lectionary for a good spell.

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