25 October 2007

Just the Right One

Over the weekend we joined our neighbors, the sausage eating vegetarians, and headed to Chase Farm (right down the road in town) to tag our Christmas Tree. We chose this tree:
I wanted to take a picture of it so when we go to cut it down in a few weeks I know where it is and what it looks like.

Hard to believe that Chase Farm is only 8 miles from downtown Providence:When I went to NH I saw two signs that popped out: first the Liquor store signs,and all the Mitt Romney signs (I couldn't bring myself to take a picture of those).

Here is a picture of the mountain right after you enter the park:
And now some general interest stuff. While reading PD James novels I noticed one time how she mentioned one of her characters ate fried toast for breakfast. The idea of deep frying a piece of bread in bacon fat made me silly with anticipation. The other morning I finally made my own and made a piece of standard toast:The fried is on your right. I am sad to say that I liked the traditional toast better, the fried toast was a little too sweet. But that doesnt mean I am giving up on it. Although I could feel my veins tightening with every bite.

Political news. I can not get over the positive coverage Mike Huckabee is getting from the NYTimes columnists. First there was David Brooks' article and this morning Gail Collins'
If I were a Republican I would vote for this dude. What if Huckabee wins the nomination and it is a showdown between he and Clinton. That would be interesting. If I was assured of a larger Democratic Senate and House I would vote for Huckabee. I cannot believe I just wrote that, spur of the moment, stream of consciousness, imblogivsation.

Furthermore, what is wrong with men who want to slow down the growth of their beard? I have been trying to grow a beard for years. All I can consistently grow is an ingrown hair in the area where my mustache and chin meet. For years I have strained, visualized and tried to talk my body into producing a full beard - no go. This Fall? Perhaps, perhaps some kind of physiological change may take place since the surgery - wouldn't that be a hoot.

On a last note. If you haven't thrown your two cents in please do. The Office of Surface Mining and Reclamation opening for public comments on the Bush administrations proposal to change the Clean Water Act to more freely allow mountain top removal closes on Nov. 3.

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Woody said...

Fried toast...far out! You know how I feel about my bacon...lol