11 October 2007

Home Life

For Christmas last year I bought an Ipod. I was enamored with it at first. I think I expected it to open my garage door, change channels on the tv and maybe even scratch my back. Nope, it is just a hard drive with flash memory. Oh well.

This morning I went to the coffee shop with the Ipod in my briefcase. I sometimes put my headphones in to keep people from bugging me when I am working at the establishment. But this morning I was using the Ipod and praising Steve Jobs for his invention. Why? The folk behind the counter had Def Leppard blasting from the sound system. I've never felt more thankful for my ipod as I put on the earbuds and listened to Ben Harper and some Johnny Cash.

The Only Lady went to the beauty shop and asked if I would watch #2 and #3 while she was away. No problem, and could I also take #2 to swim class. No problem. #2 did great at swim class, swimming by himself, jumping off the side and diving blocks - he was beaming with self-confidence. As I sat watching, feeding and observing #3 the two mothers there commented how quiet #3 was under my care than under the only lady's. They asked that I don't dare tell the Only Lady, but come on those kind of comments don't come very often.

The sister-in-law arrives this evening. It will be good to see her and spend some time with her. She is a great sister-in-law more like a sister than an in-law. No Mrs. P no one could replace you, you are the best sister ever.

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