27 October 2007

Change in the Weather

Today it is time to say goodbye to a good friend, our pair of kitchen scissors and hello to our new friend, kitchen compost container.
For our wedding Dr. Burg, God bless him, bought us a set of knives with these scissors. These scissors lasted 10+ years! They cut any and everything: chicken bones, sliced bacon, opened up packages, rib bones, pork bones, they were great to removing ligaments from chicken tenders and much more. So long ol' pal you were useful and will be missed.

We, the VOR and myself, have been complaining for some time about the compost container smelling up the kitchen. We used to put our scraps in the freezer but then our ice took on their taste, we used to keep them on the counter top but every time you would open the container it would about knock you out. So the VOR bought this counter top container, what an invention. It holds in the smell with a charcoal filter and is very handy and sturdy.

This morning we went to our favorite farm to pick our pumpkins for decorating and apples for making caramel apples. Here are the highlights, #2 and myself are not too crazy about them.

Now that Fall has officially arrived I decided to switch from Gin and Tonic to Single Malt. For my birthday I purchased a bottle of McClelland's Islay. I couldn't get over what a perfect Fall selection it was: smoky, peaty and went down great.

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