16 October 2007

Parenting Survey

Yesterday's On Point with Tom Ashbrook had a wonderful conversation on kids and sleep. I am a big advocate of sleep, anytime and anywhere. I love sleep and wish others loved it as much as I do, that way they wouldn't call past 9:30.

Go here to take the Survey of Parenting Styles and Assumptions. The survey is a good entry point for counterintuitive parenting assumptions that researchers are finding.

On Sunday the family and I, along with the sister-in-law and her unidentified "friend" went down to the Barnsiders for dinner. I love this place a little too much. More than anything I love their salad bar (which I think is like Shoney's on steroids). I particularly love their fresh baked bread and the big blocks of cheese. Any way, I started with a Bass then with dinner (tenderloin medallions and garlic smashed potatoes {which I believe is way overused as a description of mashed potatoes with roasted garlic}) a glass of C-S. The proportions were way too much. Then after dinner we went to Ben and Jerry's where I had a scoop of Chocolate Therapy and Triple Carmel something or other. We made it home around 7:30 and I was in bed by 8:30. But you know you can't sleep with a belly full of all that. I thrashed and swooned all night. Lori, the s-i-l and friend said they could hear me over the child monitor - said I sounded like a wounded cow. All this is to say: I find sleep so precious that I try to eat a minimal dinner.

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