03 October 2007

Candidate Templates

The 2008 presidential election this year seems awful silly, so many folks running, so much money being raised and not much that really excites me. As a Baptist minister I don't put too much of my trust and faith in politicians. I am more of an issue oriented person. I was brought up with my father's side split one being Republican farmers and the other strong Democrats. On my mother's side it seems they were all Republicans, my cousin once told me my grandpa said vote Republican because they have all the money and you want to make money too. I started out Republican but have moved more to the Democratic side, but I'm not an Armani Democrat which most of the party seems to be nowadays. I'm more of a Democratic Christian Socialists, more of the Netherlandic model expressed by Bob Goudzwaard (I heard him at CRCDS during convocation ceremonies.)

Nevertheless I was intrigued by the templates offered by the Des Moines Register: templates for pumpkin carving. I'm going to carve a John Edwards pumpkin this year.

Who will be the Democratic nominee? I cannot see Hillary Clinton hanging on through the duration as the front runner. Will Obama rise to the challenge? I do not know, he has a lot so ground support and lots of donors and I think he taps into a deep hunger for change and authenticity. I dont buy the not enough experience argument. I think is bogus. Edwards, even though I like him I cant see him breaking through, that leaves Bill Richardson. Richardson is my dark horse candidate to win the nomination.

Who will win the Republican nominee? I can't see Giuliani winning, too squirelly for the voters I believe. Cant see Romney winning, his flip flops make Kerry look conservative. Thompson is too lanky. I see McCain making a run and being the nominee. I heard him speak in Rochester in 1999, couldn't believe the people at Highland park in the cold that came out that evening. If he can tap into that once more, who knows what may happen...

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