01 October 2007

The Other Side of the Mountain...

Saturday, after step dancing lessons of course, we packed the kids into the van and drove north past Worcester to Mount Wachusett for a hike. We have been on short strolls, but never a full fledged hike up a mountain.

We arrived, got situated and headed up the mountain. We decided to take the "medium/kind of easy" trail up the side to the summit. It was a hard path, rocks and roots everywhere, dropoffs, and no graded trail. The kids loved it. #1 & #2 did not need help or carried, #3 rode on my back in a pack. When we got to the top we could see for 50 miles, past Boston. It was amazing at the top. I felt like those, minus folk with disabilities or limited health, who drove up the mountain really cheated themselves of a marvelous sense of accomplishment.

A view from halfway up the mountain:#3 Riding comfortably:The kids on the way down, notice the steep grade:We are saving pictures from the summit for later.

Read about Ron's bear problem.

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Ron's Thots said...

Thanks for the link to my bear problem story. We have had a terrible time this year with hungry bears due to the drought in our area.

While I do not make a living as a corn farmer, it sure hurts when there is such damage. The corn maze will survive for next year I hope. We will try again. The beauty of farming is that every year you think the next will be better than the last. It usually is not, but you have the joy of thinking that it might be.