29 September 2007

At Least St. Albans is Undefeated...

The St. Albans High School football team, my alma mater, is currently 6-0; they beat Greenbrier East last night 28-12. The WVU team, however, lost again to South Florida. I was able to watch the game online with ESPN360. I wished someone would have told me about this free service sooner. Meanwhile the Marshall team is waiting to move from the defeated to the win column when they face Memphis on Tuesday evening (to be aired also on ESPN360.

Did anyone pay attention to Huckabee's comments on the Iraq War yesterday? The guy continues to impress me.

If you didn't listen to the On Point program Wednesday on John Coltrane, you really need to; well worth your time and energy.

Today we are off to climb Mount Wachusett, after #1 comes back from stepdancing class. Right now it is a boys day inside, as #2 calls it.

Anglobaptist has posted his thoughts
from a recent seminary conference. Looks like some good stuff worth chewing on.

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