24 September 2007

Harvesting, Harvesting, Harvesting

Over the weekend we, myself, #1 and #2 and the child of the people who have the chickens down the road, harvested potatoes. Actually, I harvested 85% of them, after 10 minutes the help bolted. However, the kid from down the road may very well be the most natural burrower I have ever seen.

We harvested about 50lbs. One of my greatest farming moments came 6 years ago when I grew monstrous potatoes, they were double the size of Ron's. I don't think he cared too much for me rubbing him about it.

I also went next door and stood on the top of my truck and picked apples from the neighbors trees, yes I had permission. I filled up a recycle bin of them, about 50lbs. I made a half gallon of cider. Good stuff, very tart. Back home we had four apple trees and we never sprayed them, sure they were imperfect and occasionally had a worm, but no big deal. The other day I showed the kids a worm in an apple, they never knew worms lived in apples. I'll take imperfections and worms any day over chemical pesticides!

This morning before work I went out to prepare the hive for robbing. I put a trap underneath the bottom super, the bees go down but cant go back up into the supers. But, there was no honey, tons of bees though. On the one hand it is a pain to harvest honey, but on the other hand it is quite a joy. Sad not to do it this year. Although the bacon lady will be glad that I am not ruining another bowl!

Tonight I was trying out the a/v conferencing feature on the ole macbook. As the chat started I noticed the doll in the background, take a look for yourself:
I think I may put the bacon lady's scary doll in its place for the conference. The bacon lady has one doll her mother made that scares me to death. It is now in #1's room and it can stay there.

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