04 September 2007

Oldsmobile Living

The van will be fixed by tomorrow, but I won't be able to pick it up till the first of the week; I am cooking the pulled pork for the Homecoming/Rally Day weekend, that will take at least most of Friday and Saturday. After the Rally Day Festivities: largest ice cream sundae and kids vs. adults kickball game there is a memorial service at 3. So I'll fly down Monday and drive back that day, the newly minted doctor may even ride back with me.

In the meantime we will continue to borrow a car from a parishioner, but not just any car: an 88 Oldsmobile. It is like I retired at 32. It is big, comfortable and I only want to drive it no more than 25mph. I have always dreamed of retiring early, but not this early.

Till Monday it is Oldsmobile living: life in the slow lane, dinners at 4:30 and only hearing what I want to.
On a serious note, if the folks wouldn't have let us borrow this car we would easily be in the hole another $ 2K. And to be honest I kind of like it, the car that is.

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