06 September 2007

Prologomena To a Sermon

It being Thursday there is no way I am even going to attempt to the NYTimes crossword puzzle, I am a Tuesday person at best - right now. Therefore, I will share some thoughts as a way of kick starting the brain before I write a sermon.

*Speaking of the Times, I wished they hadn't shrunk the size of the paper. I like the previous larger format. Now it feels like I am reading a school newspaper and not all the news fit to print.

*The other day #2 explained how a bumble bee collects nectar from flowers. "Hey day, the bees sneak up in the flower and grab the nectar then fly away."

*#1 is back in school now, 1st grade. She loves it. I am amazed at how she describes her classmates, not by their last names. Instead she will say either describe them by what teacher they have or what bus they are on. I have tried to trip her up, if I so happen to know the child's last name, but she won't budge - she sticks to her classification.

*Steve Earle's latest album, Washington Square Serenade, is set to be released on September 25. Here is the track list:
Tennessee Blues
Down Here Below
Satellite Radio
City of Immigrants
Sparkle and Shine
Come Home to Me
Jericho Road
Oxycontin Blues
Red Is the Color
Steve's Hammer (For Pete)
Days Aren't Long Enough
Way Down in the Hole

I think Oxycontin Blues should be Met lad blues. The web page says that the cd has a walking tour of Greenwich Village. I wonder if he mentions Judson Church, an ABC and UCC congregation?

*While I am on the topic of album releases, the last (Mr. Burg says there never be a last; he is right the record companies will always bring out something) of the American Recordings, American VI, by JC will come out in late October. Here is the track list:
  1. "San Antonio"
  2. "Redemption Day"
  3. "Here Comes a Boy"
  4. "That's Enough"
  5. "1st Corinthians 5:55"
  6. "I Can't Help But Wonder"
  7. "Nine-Pound Hammer"
  8. "North to Alaska"
  9. "His Eyes on the Sparrow"
  10. "If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again"
  11. "The Eye of an Eagle"
  12. "Don't Take Everybody for Your Friend"
  13. "Belshazzar"
  14. "Loading Coal"
  15. "A Half a Mile a Day"
  16. "Flesh and Blood"
  17. "I Am a Pilgrim"
  18. "Beautiful Dreamer"
  19. "Ain't No Grave Gonna Hold My Body Down"
  20. "Family Bible"
I'm most excited about Nine Pound Hammer and Loading Coal, they are two of my favorites. I'm a double first cousin to a dad blamed mole.

*Marshall University has also released its 2007-08 mens basketball schedule:
11/01/07 vs. Fairmont State (Exhib.) Cam Henderson Center TBA
11/06/07 vs. West Liberty State (Exhib.) Cam Henderson Center TBA
11/13/07 vs. Pikeville Cam Henderson Center TBA
11/20/07 vs. East Tennessee Cam Henderson Center TBA
11/25/07 vs. Boston University Cam Henderson Center TBA
11/28/07 at Wright State Dayton, Ohio TBA
12/01/07 vs. Morehead State Cam Henderson Center TBA
12/04/07 at East Tennessee Johnson City, Tenn. TBA
12/14/07 vs. Rio Grande Cam Henderson Center TBA
12/18/07 at Louisville Louisville, Ky. TBA
12/22/07 vs. Princeton Cam Henderson Center TBA
12/29/07 vs. Lipscomb Cam Henderson Center TBA
12/31/07 vs. San Diego Cam Henderson Center TBA
01/05/08 vs. Winthrop Cam Henderson Center TBA
01/09/08 at Rice * Houston, Texas TBA
01/12/08 vs. Memphis * Cam Henderson Center TBA
01/16/08 at East Carolina * Greenville, N.C. TBA
01/19/08 vs. UAB * Cam Henderson Center TBA
01/23/08 vs. West Virginia Charleston, W.Va. TBA
01/26/08 at Houston * Houston, Texas TBA
01/30/08 vs. Tulsa * Cam Henderson Center TBA
02/02/08 at UAB * Birmingham, Ala. TBA
02/06/08 at UCF * Orlando, Fla. TBA
02/09/08 vs. East Carolina * Cam Henderson Center TBA
02/13/08 at SMU * Dallas, Texas TBA
02/16/08 vs. Tulane * Cam Henderson Center TBA
02/20/08 vs. UTEP * Cam Henderson Center TBA
02/23/08 vs. UCF * Cam Henderson Center TBA
03/01/08 at Tulsa * Tulsa, Okla. TBA
03/05/08 at Tulane *

03/08/08 vs. Southern Miss

*Now that all of that is out lemme turn to the sermon. For the Fall I am doing a series on the latter part of Luke. The gospel stories are pretty much the lectionary texts, I cannot believe the lectionary gods did not include the story of the prodigal son. The series is a reflection on what is Christian living. Last week we focused on the paradoxical nature of Christianity. I'd hoped to post the sermon but could not. I had about 3/4 of it typed, the last 1/4 was written out long hand but it didnt make to the pulpit. Plus I had the congregation say Ohhhh everytime I said curses...spoiled again. You just cant relay that on a blog.

This week more of the paradoxical nature of Christianity. This time the word hate appears in context with mom and dad. Easy there Jesus. I have thought about this passage for some time. My mind takes me to the U2 song With or Without You, specifically I can't live with or without you.

I think part of love directed towards another is that you can't live with or without the other. You have throw all your love to another but then forget about it. Just like a jazz musician, practice, practice, practice then forget it and just play.

To follow Jesus we have to be willing to sacrifice everything then only to have everything returned anew. In addition to the U2 song there is the story of the sacrifice of Isaac, interesting that none of the biblical operators mentioned the pivotal OT story.

*Finally, the vine garden. This year TOL, asked me to create a garden space and put up a trellis for a vining garden. She took care of the rest, now we are enjoying our creation.

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