15 September 2007

Comin' Back Around Again

Yesterday I went over to Always on Sale to get some pants fitted. Now when I left the house I thought I looked presentable, not fantastic but presentable; when I came out of the dressing room to have the tailor take a look at me (under their bright lights and in front of the three mirrors), however, I looked liked I crawled out of bed. I think I will always advocate low lighting.

Yesterday Roman Numeral I took #2 and #3 apple picking, here are some highlights:Macs are in now but soon and very soon Baldwins and Macons will be in!

In seminary I took a good number of independent studies with Bill Herzog focusing on the historical Jesus. (He was at CRDS before he went to ANTS) I didn't care too much for the traditional approach but was quite fascinated with the social science approach. I took the classes but couldn't quite figure out what to do with them. My primary frustration was the parables. Herzog interpreted the parables in a social scientific way which showed why the social elites and powerful would want to crucify Jesus.

Okay, fine and dandy. But what was one to do with the parables in the pulpit? How could you take them from their 1st century context to the 21st century? That was always my dilemma.

This Fall I decided to use the gospel lectionary selections (I lengthened almost every one, cut out a couple and traded in some others; why they did not include the Prodigal Son story I'll never know) as a way to illustrate what it means to be Christian, primarily taking my cue from the parables.

Spending a good amount of time in the 3rd Gospel has been fun. I love Luke, so much so that I tend to ignore or casually forget about the other three. Nosing around the Third Gospel has given me some time and space to begin to solve my parable dilemma. I believe I have found a way to use the first century story with modern day examples. I'll post the sermon tomorrow afternoon and you lemme know.

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