14 September 2007

Bottles and Cans, Just Clap Your Hands

Today TOL has been working up a storm canning our, actually her, famous tomato sauce. My job is to plant the seeds, nurture them, plant them in the ground, take care of them for awhile them basically forget about them. Then she goes out into the wild tomato patch, collects the tomatoes and then rightly complains about how overgrown the garden is.
All in all (drum roll please) 33 quarts!

Since I employed lyrics from Beck, it is time to mention the wonderful time I had hanging out with DR. Burg. He accompained me back from BWI. I vowed never again to drive on I-95 so we went north 81 then east on 84 and Rt. 6 into Providence. Once we arrived we picked up my truck at T. F. Green and drove separtely to Trinity Brewhouse. I had a Hefe Wiezen and another great selection that slips my mind. Dr. Burg had a Russian Imperial Stout and the IPA. The next day we hung out in RI and did some odd errands. On Wednesday we took a pilgrimage of sorts to Concord so we could walk around Walden Pond and see the site of Thoreau's cabin. The trip to Walden went great. I was amazed at how warm and shallow the lake was and all of the people swimming the lake! Thursday he left for H'burg.

Nice view of Walden Pond.
A trip with Dr. Burg just aint a trip without some historical poses. Here he is in the replica of Thoreau's cabin in some deep contemplation.

And here is your's truly sampling some tasty grub I rustled up for dinner in the cabin.
I thought about purchasing a mug at the gift shop that read SIMPLIFY but it seemed just too ironic.

Pop always said that in life you may get 1 or 2 great friends, if you do treasure them. Dr. Burg is one of those folks in my life I treasure. Thanks good buddy.

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LadyBurg said...

I've heard great things about the trip on my end as well. You're right about good friends. Such relationships must be cared for!