02 September 2007

Puplit Return...

First off, major congratulations to Mr. Burg. On Friday he received the title his Doctorate of Philosophy from Catholic University. Proud of you buddy!

Second, Woody has perhaps the best bacon story of the 2nd quarter.

Third, pleasant to hear the Ron actually missed my blogging.

Fourth, I went up the pulpit, my first sermon since the first Sunday in August. It felt good to be back. I'll post the sermon in a little while, still working on some formatting issues.

Fifth, when we came back from vacation #3 and I were let down to discover we were the only two in the family not in the papers. #1 & #2 were the top readers. And TOL had a nice write up in the LLL regional newsletter telling about her work towards winning a grant. The grant was used to purchase materials for local pediatricians to distribute breastfeeding material to new mothers. (No link available.)

Finally, forthcoming posts from vacation and Oldsmobile living.

Furthermore. While on the beach one day the kids wanted to bury me. I always wanted to be buried in the sand and even thought I might sneak in a nap from it. The kids, however, only wanted to bury me so that I would jump out of the sand. Well the wife supervised their work and thought it would be nice to make me look like I was pregnant.

For your viewing pleasure:

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