16 October 2007


Odd that American Recordings, JohnnyCash.com or Lost Highway records haven't fully disclosed the release date of American Recordings VI. The wait is just too much.

In a few moments a few members of the congregation will come over to the office for the weekly bible study session. I provide coffee, knowledge and gossip - they provide complaints of aches and pains, questions about the text and in general come to laugh. I have been threatening for some time to switch the coffee and actually make regular instead of decaf. I really wonder if they would notice?

This weekend my sister-in-law and friend came up for a visit. Due to federal regulations I cannot release the name, gender, orientation, height, weight, or hair color until a to be determined future date. I can only say that the friend is a good person and I was glad to meet the person. I can also add that this person won second place prize at the Inaugural Family Pumpkin Painting Contest. (pictures forthcoming) This unidentified person would have one an easy first place prize if this person was, well let us just say "legal," we'll leave it at that for now.

The sermon Sunday went well. The scripture was the story of Lazarus and the Rich Man. Many people have said that if Jesus were to come back today that he would mainly hang around the poor, displaced, hungry, and the untouchables. I firmly believe that, but I think this parable also shows that Jesus would be hanging around rich folk too. If the kingdom of God is good news for everyone then it has to touch everyone!

I found it interesting that Bill Richardson, as he is inching his way up to almost pass Edwards in some polls, has taken on Edwards' view of the "two Americas." I find Edwards' two Americas right on the money, but is it enough to simply explain a reality? On the same note Eddie Vedder, lead singer of Pearl Jam, in the song Bushleaguer sings the haves have not a clue. I agree that most do not, but then my cynical side laughs at Vedder writing this when no doubt he is living high off the hog. These are just some swirling thoughts, I find it best to jam a bunch of conflicting thoughts together, let them fight it out and see what synthesis emerges.

I have been predicting, from the pulpit, for weeks that the Patriots are going to lose - but they keep winning. I really don't care. I have never been able to get into Pro Football, it is too boring. The offenses are predictable and the defensive players are too fast. The only Pro Football I ever enjoyed was the Buffalo Bills of the 90s. Why? I distinctly remember Jim Kelly running the option one time with Thurman Thomas. I about fell out of my chair. The only other pro football worth mentioning is the neckbrace days of Steve Grogan. To see a quaterback wear a neck pad was really something. For Christmas a few years ago i bought dad an autographed picture of Grogan. What I really wanted was an autographed neckbrace but no one had one!

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