02 April 2007

Earth Day Preparations

Usually I go into church meetings totally unprepared. I have a bunch of ideas but no organization of information not only for myself but also for those present at the meeting. Tonight's Deacons meeting is no different. I suppose that we will discuss Earth Day and my proposal to show An Inconvenient Truth. So this morning I have tried to amass a body of information that shows some of the work going in this state, in the denomination and in ecumenical/interfaith bodies.

First on the state level:
New England Climate Coalition
Rhode Island Interfaith Power and Light
Rhode Island Greenhouse Gas Process

On the denominational level
ABC Resolution on Global Warming
ABC Resolution Environmental Concerns

Ecumenical Bodies
National Council of Churches, USA Ecojustice
National Association of Evangelicals Press Release

I figure this is a good start for the conversation. Interesting enough several folk have expressed interest in the movie night for Earth Day.