11 April 2007

Tomato Seeds Are in the Mix

Yesterday afternoon me and #3 started our tomato seeds. This year 18 Mortgage Lifters, they were dad's favorite and a WV heirloom, 24 Amish Paste, 12 Large Red (a New England heirloom I thought would be worth a shot), 12 Pantano Romanesco, and 6 Tonadose Des Conores (a French cherry heirloom.) That will probably be all I start this year. I usually start way too much then cant keep up with them. Other than those I will probably sow seeds directly into the ground and go from there this year.

Off to ANTS to the library for some research.


LadyBurg said...

Ok, Theobilly, I'm trying to get blogger to let me post under LadyBurg so I'm trying it out on your blog. Sorry!

LadyBurg said...

Yes, Yes, Yes!

Tomatoes are good and I'm LadyBurg!