08 April 2007

Now You Can Say Alleluia

This morning we celebrated Easter at L. R. B. Church, it went well; we had about 30 over what we usually run. The choir was amazing, the kids did a great job with the bells, the flowers - my god the flowers, the kids again signed the Lord's Prayer and the sermon, well the sermon wasnt too shabby.

This was my 6th Easter sermon, and I am just now comfortable doing one. There is the temptation to say it all to the captive audience, there is the temptation to try and make the church better than it really is, there is the temptation to say how tacky it is folk only come to church twice a year, there is the temptation to be funny and warm. This morning I took a different approach, a little bible study that went with my holy week theme, then I simply said forget about Easter. Easter happens once a year, church aint like this every week. So if you want to meet Jesus, be born anew well then your gonna have to do it yourself, I'm not gonna do it for you and the church aint gonna do it for you either. Oddly enough this was the one Easter sermon that seemed to fit the most right yet.

Then after the service it was time for some serious work, eating.

We go to a family from church every year for Easter supper. It is a semi-Italian family I guess you could say. First you gather downstairs for appetizers, buffalo wings, shrimp, nacho dip and chips, beer, nuts, cheese and crackers. Then we move outside for the egg hunt. Then we move upstairs for the real deal. The first course, Italian wedding soup, then the main course: Grilled Pork Shoulder/Leg (couldnt tell) Grilled Lamb Rack, Roasted Potatoes, Mashed Potatoes, Asparagus Wrapped in Ham and Cheese, and Bread. Dessert: Banana Cream Pie, Chocolate Cream Pie, Tiramisu and a Fruit Flower Arrangement. That was five hours ago and I can barely move still.

In the by the way department:

Donnie Jones is now the new head Basketball Coach at Marshall, so much for Mr. Marshall. Odd that both Div. I schools in WV now have alumni as head coaches in both bball and football. You wonder why folk are so eager to return "home?" The institutions are not the same as when they left. Did they have such an extraordinary time there that they hope to rekindle some of the flame? And further, what the hell was the governor doing at both the WVU and MU press briefings for the new coaches? Any thoughts Ron?

And Newsweek interviewed Sam Zygmuntowicz, The Violin Maker.

The CSMonitor did a nice piece on the mysterious honey bee problem. I think it is the overworking of bees and our tendency towards monocultural farming.

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Ron's Thots said...

Happy Easter! We too had a good Easter Service. I said very little in a sermon (maybe 5 minutes). Most of our service was music.

Manchin is every place in WV at the moment. Someone said last night that he might be the only Gov in the history of this state who will not have a serious challenge from anyone running in the next election from either party. Now that is scary to me.