27 April 2007

The Fall Guy

Lemme first say it was an accident.

And #3 is fine.

Lets switch those

Lemme first say #3 is okay.

And it was an accident.

You've heard refer to a baby as a bouncing baby boy or girl. And when you pick up a baby you notice that they are quite soft and pliable...

Sometime around 2:15pm this afternoon I heard #3 giggle, a mischievous/here's my chance giggle. (I committed the ultimate sin: I left the baby gate open at the top of the stairs) When I heard the giggle I sprinted towards the steps, yelled as I watched #3 roll down the stairs. He landed at the bottom with a soft thump. I picked him up, comforted him - he calmed down within a couple of minutes. I did a complete body check, made sure his eyes dilated, gave him a cheerio to make sure he could chew and swallow, made sure he could crawl, stand up, grip my fingers, follow my fingers, and laugh.

Amazing, no injury. Amazing.

Here is the coveted view #3 has been after ever since we put the gate up:

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