27 April 2007

Little bit of Friday

Lots of rain for today, that means an inside cleaning day - yuk. Yesterday the new floor for the downstairs was put in. Several weeks ago the downstairs room was baptized (the ground and the french drain froze, therefore lots of water came in). So the carpet folks came, ripped out, cleaned and billed us. For several weeks then we had a concrete room with the futon and the tv. For Lent we had to give up television, oddly we didnt miss and neither did the kids. Yesterday the contractors put in the floor (the same fellows who did the renovations at the church). They did a great job, take a look:I took the picture with the flash so you could see the room color - kinda pink aint it!

When we were in the process of moving here the church gave us free reign to pick out room colors and carpet. We chose an off white for the downstairs but the painters painted it pink. They painted over it, but it will always be pink!

If we had known about laminate wood floors five years ago we woulda asked for them throughout the house. Living in a parsonage aint the best situation, however, it is a great way to learn about living in a house - what you dont and do like without having to pay for it.


Book I recommend: Spiritual Preparation for Christian Leadership by E. Glenn Hinson. This book came out after I transferred from BTSR. It is "E's" classnotes for his Intro. to Spirituality class. I checked it out the other day as a refresher. It was good to read some of E's words, thoughts and stories. I figure if that dude can remain Baptist I can too.

I also saw where E has a book out for the Companions in Christ series.


Living in New England I have observed some of the traits that folk have described as Yankee. The other night I sat in bed and thought that it is indeed ironic that the one sports team named the Yankees have the highest payroll in all of sports.

While on the irony of sports team names I think it is fair to say there is nothing Jazzy about Utah.

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Tripp Hudgins said...

Ah, E. How I miss him.