07 April 2007

Easter Anticipation

Tuesday morning during Bible Study I reviewed the week events of Holy Week. After finishing the presentation I realized how little folk know about Holy Week. This realization changed my entire approach to Maundy Thursday and Good Friday. I decided to use the two services for Bible Study. I simply walked through the events of Holy Week as Bible Study. I reckoned that was the best preparation for Easter that I could offer. For Christmas Eve most folk can walk into the service, sing the carols and hear the stories and that is enough. But can you do that for Holy Week? I don't think so, it is too thick, too much going on.

Good Friday is the traditional day to plant potatoes
but it was too cold here in RI. So, we bought potatoes: Katadhins, Red Pontiac, All Blue, Shepoby, Irish Cobbler, Yukon Gold and Norwis. We also bought some yellow and red onions and shallots. After the purchases we headed north to the next town and stopped at Allies Donuts (the best donuts in the universe, period.)

Then after all that the kids tried on their Easter outfits. The picture didnt turn out, only #3 was in focus and clear - here he is:

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