21 April 2007

Big Day Today

This afternoon we packed up the fam, headed down to the field for #1's first day of T-Ball. #1 loved it! She did great, wow.

Here she is fielding a grounder

Here is an action shot of #2

Here is an action shot of #1 and the Old Man. I was given the all important job of pointing to third base as the kids came from second and rounded towards home.

Thanks to my direction, she made it home - and so did everyone else on the team.

And here is a bunch of them with their backs against the wall. About 15 minutes some kid, not a player, was up climbing this wall. Did he fall or not? I dunno, I was concentrating on getting kids to third base!

The kids all worked up a sweat, and a little bit of farmer's tan. The sun shone and it was 78 degrees, dont believe me take a look at the van thermometer!
We came home, played in the yard, cleaned up and made some dinner. Tonight's fare? Chicken Pesto Pizza. The wife chose to place on it grilled chicken (made last night - when you marinate chicken try a healthy portion of balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper, great marinade), pesto, fresh mozzarella, parmesan cheese, and plum tomato.I chose to make one with the same ingredients plus hot italian sausage and garlic.
They were fantastic!

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