26 April 2007

Bacon Steaks

Once a week the wife and occasionally theobilly (the wife says I wonder as I wander and end up adding about a half hour to the experience) travels the 8 miles from our front door to the front doors of Whole Foods. I love the place, especially the bacon. It is the best bacon I have ever had. But the bacon aint always consistent. Sometimes it is cut really thin, sometimes is quite fatty, sometimes they cut it a bit on thick side (which I like). But when the wife arrived home the other day from her latest Whole Foods excursion, she brought home the thickest bacon I have ever seen. This selection of pork easily crossed the bacon threshold into the pork belly steak category.

Take a look for yourself. That is a checkbook beside it for context and perception.
I dont know exactly how I am gonna fry it without burning it or carmelizing it too much, nevertheless I am excited to have at it.

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