03 April 2007

Signs of Spring

I spent the weekend mainly in the yard preparing the garden. As I strolled around the grounds I saw several signs of Spring:

The Wilbur Lilac (the Wilbur's gave it to us 4 years ago) was in bud. (I took a picture but it was out of focus)

The Tucker Rhubarb (the Tucker's gave it to us 3 years ago) was pushing its way northward - north is always up.
The bees, my god the bees are doing fabulous. I flipped the hive on Thursday and could not get over at the health and vitality of the hive this year. In three years they have never been this healthy or this active this early in the year. (They better not even think about swarming!)
A promising sign of Spring is the first burn of the year:
Finally I made my soil less mix for the seeds on Saturday. I used the Cornell mix:
vermiculite, peat moss, crushed lime, super phosphate, bone meal. Dont ask what portions I got mixing and seemingly forgot to look at the specific amounts, but I'm sure I'm in the right ball park.

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Gail said...

Travis-- I was just flipping through your recent blogs, trying to catch up, when my eye spied the final photo on this entry-- and I thought "What's he doing posting a photo of his colonoscopy??! Eew, gross"...before I figured out that you were looking at a bucket of gardening seeds. ;) Gail