19 April 2007

Thursday Thoughts, I suppose.

I considered posting thoughts over the past few days but the craziness just wouldn't stop. Our power was out on Monday so I didnt hear much about the shootings till later that night. I didnt know anyone at VT, but I figured I knew someone's kid or someone's sibling - many folk from WV go to VT. But there was no emails, phone calls, blogs or newspaper reports to suggest that I had any connection. Tuesday afternoon I received an email from a parishioner stating that a one of the victims was a Lincoln, RI resident and her personal friend. It turns out three of young adults, now, went all through K-12 with the gentleman. The local news went crazy with the story, they were at town hall, the high school, interviewed friends, and told all the information they could about him. It seemed cheap and nothing more than a chance to have a lead story.

By now the headlines are all about a challenged young man who shot everyone. I don't know what to make of his actions. The question that keeps coming to my mind is the question Cain sarcastically posed to G-d: Am I my brother's keeper?

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Ron's Thots said...

We do, and we must mourn the loss of our 33 folks at VPI, but nearly every day we see that many die in Iraq. Do we mourn their loss, or are they sub-humans because they are not us?

I had not supported Bush being tried as a war criminal in the past because of the split it would cause in our nation, but everyday I am now drawing closer to the idea that maybe the world should have such a trial. We have destablized a whole region of the world, and for what reason?