26 March 2007

A Kitchen Two-for

When I was ordained an elderly preacher friend of mine got up and delivered some thoughts on pastoral ministry. He suggested that I pick an issue to focus on throughout my career. He said there are two many issues to tackle, so pick one and do your darndest. Five years later I have let my life speak and what is the issue? More than ever it is the environment: from coal mining, to water quality, organic gardening and the rest.

One of the qualities I look for on any purchases is its versatility, no one wants a simple one trick pony. So today I present to you multiple reusable tool:

it may appear to be a simple pasta fork. oh no, it is also a:
it is also a Kathy-keeper-away. Once she discovers I scratch my back with the pasta fork, she will never eat anything Italian relater ever again at our house.


TheoOnTapintheBurg said...

Hey, I like the new layout!



Ron's Thots said...

Nice to see the pics of your family. Hey I have one of those back scratch things too. Good reading. Keep the fight. It is Spring here in the mountains of WV, and I look forward to planting time.