15 March 2007

The Burn & Violin Class

As Easter approaches there is a great desire to clean up the church and the church grounds. Why? It is the day of Resurrection you want to everything to look its best, thus the tradition of "Spring Cleaning." Over the fall a man brought his huge John Deere tractor over with a backhoe and front loader to clear out behind the outdoor chapel. His clearing created a huge pile of brush. Yesterday was the day of burning.

Around 12:30 four of us gathered to start the burn. Soon we noticed that the pile needed some added heat to get rid of the big stuff. So we retrieved some wood pallets and threw them on. They helped, then the janitor from the school next door came over to complain that the school was full of smoke. Oh well what you gonna do after it started, there really wasnt that much smoke.

After school let out all the neighborhood kids came over to the church yard to fly kites, play soccer, ride bikes, chase each other, gather sticks to throw in the fire, and what not. Then all of sudden a dude pulled up in a 72 dodge, opened the hood and we stood around drinking another cold one. It was remarkable how much it felt like being back in WV.

I think all churches should have one of these events, it was a great community building exercise and a chance to get to know some new church/neighbor folk better.

The violin class went well. Myself, two boomers, one 11 year old and one high school senior. It was apparent that they 11 year old was the most advanced. i thought we were all on the same skill level, oh well. But it was great to get the Gaylus out and to begin the process of learning to play.

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