06 March 2007


It may be registering somewhere around -5 today with windchill but that hasnt stopped me thinking about the coming Spring. It is March so it is time to order seeds (late I know), think about planting peas on St. Patrick's Day, potatoes on Good Friday, etc. I like the idea of planting on specific days. It is also that time of year when the girls in green deliver their once-a-year delights, that's right Girl Scout Cookies. We received the Carmel Delites (aka Samoans - I understand the name change), somekind of peanut butter cookies with chocolate and my favorite Thin Mints. The wife had to hide the cookies, if they are left on the counter she devours them. I enjoy them, but just a few.

It is also time to start thinking about my annual declaration that this will be the year that I do a triathlon, no really I mean it this year. So this week I initiated training. Today I jumped in the pool with the old ladies to swim some laps over my lunch hour. Here I am 32 years old in relatively good health and some 70 year olds have more wind than I. They were swimming laps when I jumped in and they were swimming laps when I jumped out. Oh well, as soon as I get my wind - I' ll show 'em.

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