17 March 2007

More Coal News

A group of protesters were arrested yesterday at the WV state capital. They were protesting the DEP decision to allow Massey energy build a coal silo besides Marsh Fork Elementary School. Where is the governor who was so "heroic" at the Sago Mine disaster? If he allows that silo to be built I think he should be impeached!

Here the story
. But go here for better coverage.

Speaking of the Sago Mine Disaster the official report done by the United Mine Workers of America was came out Thursday. You can read the report by clicking here.

Finally the NYTimes reported on a pilot project by American Power to pump carbon dioxide into underground chambers. The problem: no one knows what long term effects this may have on the environment. Also, why spend so much money on an inefficient source of energy? Sure it is cheap, but not if you take the total impact mining coal takes on communities, rivers, streams, wildlife, and global weather patterns and global warming! There is nothing cheap or clean about coal. American Power also operates the John Amos Power Plant in Big Scary, WV. (I believe the link should give you a picture of the plant) As a kid I was amazed at the huge clouds of steam they produced (my wife and I both thought that the plant produced clouds). But when you read that that particular power plant is the largest polluter in WV your mind goes from fascination to down right anger!

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