12 March 2007

Passive Evangelism

This year I have set a goal to focus more on stewardship and evangelism. The evangelism goal is the most challenging for me. How does a moderate-liberal mainline community church do evangelism that isnt a simple copying of our more "evangelical" brethren and sisteren.

I think I may have a solution: passive evangelism. I say that we take an ad out in the paper that reads: Mad at Your Church, Try Us. Thus far most of our growth of new members has come from folk who are ticked off at their former church or simply gave up/lapsed on RCC long ago. I think this will keep the church afloat but I dont see it fostering new growth and new life.

How sad it would be if our only positive contribution to the community is to be a safe harbor for folk who get pissed off at their church. Then what happens when the former pissed off people get pissed off at their new church? I think there needs to be a new emphasis on evangelism, we've got some good news to share too.

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