17 March 2007

This and That, more of that

This is the view from the back porch of the parsonage:
Exactly one week ago I was out in the garden cleaning up the plots, checking on the bees and playing with the kids - not this weekend.

At the library the other day, while searching for Rod Stewart cds (the american songbook volumes) I found Bruce Springsteen's We Shall Overcome the Seeger Sessions. The kids love it. I was amazed at an arrangement of O Mary Don't You Weep. I've always loved the Spirituals. I find their imagery, rhythms and usage of scripture quite amazing. Take the Mary song, Pharaoh's army got drownded, O Mary don't you weep, don't mourn. The author(s) took an OT image of Pharaoh's army and combined it with the mother of Jesus as a mourning figure. The images are 1000s of years apart yet they seem to work. Is there a point where it is okay for an unjust army/war to die without mourning? I cant see the answer to that question being yes.

(Also on that cd is Froggie Went A Courtin'. My father would sing that song to me while bouncing me on his knee and would then let me fall {he was holding onto me}. Good songs, fun songs, you cant beat them...

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