23 March 2007

Blog as a Reminder

On an average week I misplace, lose, forget or misquote important events, meetings, receipts at least 43 times. How to solve this? First I purchased a moleskin datebook; second, I purchased on of those mileage and receipt record books that i keep in the truck; third I post bright post-it notes all over the desk where I work; finally, I post stuff on the blog then use it as a reminder.

As Easter draws near I want to share some of the events for April.

April 1st, Palm Sunday, it also happens to be the Sunday closest to Lime Rock's Birth, April 5. We will have your usual Palm Sunday service, process in to All Glory Laud and Honor, pass out Florida grown palms, pick up the palms after the service, beg folk to attend Holy Week services, and have communion.
After the service we are going to gather for the First Ever Stone Throw event. While at CRDS, Bexley Hall observed a day in Spring with all kinds of folly and fare. The dean wore this absolutely ridiculous chasuble, the liturgy was full of puns and humor and then they would go outside for a stone throw. The winner received a plaque of some kind. I never did attend the service nor many of their weekly Eucharist services. Why? one, I didnt like the incense; two, i was severely disappointed when i first attended the feast of St. Margaret literally expecting a feast of some king; three, one time i led the morning prayer (no one told me to pause after reading each petition - I read that thing in about 30 seconds). But I always fancied the idea of a stone throw.

So this year we are going to have our own stone throw. We have a magnificent and underutilized stone wall. And we all need a day of folly and "Springy" fun.

Maundy Thursday, communion with no foot washin'
Good Friday, service of lessons and spirituals (I find Good Friday to be a day of open creativity, we dont have a long history and tradition of G.F. services, odd when we emphasize the theology of the cross so much.)

Easter Sunday, your usual day of Resurrection services.

Sunday after Easter: A Service of Three Stations
The sanctuary was designed to be movable, but they seldom move things. This year we are going to assemble the pews and chairs around the perimeter of the sanctuary and place three stations in the middle: one of light, one of water and one of bread and wine. It is a way to say there is no way we can replicate Easter Sunday but still a way to continue celebrating the Resurrection.

Third Sunday of Easter will begin a Sermon Series on Spiritual Practices/Disciplines called Soul Feast. This will go to Whitsunday.

After Pentecost, Children's Sunday and the program year comes to a close.

Summer worship? A series on Baptist principles and Baptist biographies, vacation in Georgia, vegetable gardening, trips to our favorite RI beach, etc.

Then we will bang it back up come Rally Day/Homecoming Weekend the 2nd Sunday of September with a Golf Tournament, Cookout, Youth vs. Adult Kickball, etc.

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