02 February 2009

Gettin' All Mavericky

1.  First a catch-up.  Yesterday while walking to work my neighbor stopped me to say how much he admired my travel mug, at church several people admired it also; only one person cared to listen to my story about an encounter I had a few years ago with the potter Richard Bresnahan. (I can recall the encounter in his studio and recall the feeling of euphoria; he is amazing!)

2.  I have yet to figure out #3's fascination with the vacuum cleaner.  

3.  I do not think the bees are going to make it this year.  I know I say that every year but this year really looks bleak.  I wonder what all of the girls are doing in there?   

5.  Chicken and dumplings for dinner this evening - the VOR's speciality.  By the way, the VOR picked up her glasses today.  I told her she had a Sarah Palin thing working with them on, she did not find it funny at all.  

6.  Although I ultimately believe that love will win at the end of time I do believe irony has a large role in the present world.  Today I saw grass for the first time in three weeks!  Tomorrow, four inches of snow!

7.  Normally whenever I suggest a kitchen gadget the VOR suspiciously looks at me.  Imagine therefore the look I received when I brought home a "fat separator."  Reader, know though that the VOR loves it.  

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