01 May 2008

May Day

One of the great skills I have acquired during my one score, one decade and three years of life is the ability to not only misplace things but completely lose them.  A few weeks ago I purchased a swanky thermos, it was blue, had a fancy Swiss name and caught many a eye.  But I lost it somewhere between taking #2 to storytime at the library and getting him home.  I called the library, no one has turned it in.  I do still have the top, so I am hoping someone will find it and see that it is pretty much useless without the top and turn it in.  I could use one of my forty or so plastic travel mugs (by the way only one has a top - you guessed it, lost the tops), but the recent news about the toxins in everyday plastics has me questioning drinking a hot liquid in a plastic cup (heat causes the toxins to leech).  So until I find my new thermos I am taking the advice of Richard Brenshaw:  I am using a glass jar, one with a lid, only I like to call it my eco-chic (to con the VOR's phrase) travel mug.  

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darin said...

Is that moonshine?
I started posting on my blog again
will you consider signing me to AA ball?