16 May 2008

McCain in WV & Kid stories

One of my WV sources (this time my sister) reported this morning that Jon McCain will be stopping by St. Albans to visit a local Gun Shop.  This is the same gun shop that advertises on its large sign out front:  Guns, Ammo, Jesus Saves.  I have a real problem with the sign.  I wonder if they changed it before McCain stopped by?  

I also wonder if McCain knows the building violated city code by building an apartment on the building?  

The building used to be one of my favorite stops when I was a kid, "back in the day" when it used to be a Go Mart.  I would stop by for baseball cards, Slush Puppies and an occasional pack of gum.  


Yesterday afternoon I was home working and watching #2 & #3, #3 was asleep and I too was tired.  So I thought of a new game: hey #2 (he loves saying last one {anything} is a rotten egg) how about we play nap?  How do we play that dad?  We both take a nap and the first one up is a rotten egg, #2 did not like this game....
Today I also went into #1's class a worker in the community to talk about my vocation as a pastor.  I took in my tools: my moleskin notebook, an ipod, and my hebrew and greek bibles.  I talked about Hebrew and pronounced a few words then translated a section from Exodus, which I translated as First Graders shall not pick their noses.  I also took in my preaching gown, my preaching tabs and since it was an academic setting: my master's hood.  It was a fun morning.

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darin said...

There is a good memorial day sermon; Guns, Ammo, Jesus Saves.