19 May 2008

Thoughts from a Couple of Shopping Trips

1.  Official statement: I think that the most genius individuals in American society are beer advertisers/marketers.  Case in point, the other day at the liquor store (in RI all alcoholic beverages are exclusively sold in liquor stores) I overheard a dude ask another dude: Is that any good?  Response, oh yeah - it is great after working in the yard all day.  You know it has real lime in it.  **  Out of curiosity I went over to the cooling refrigerator to investigate, it appears Budweiser has now developed a beer with "real" lime juice included.  I could not believe my eyes, the beer is not for me.  But what creativity on the part of Budweiser, you have to give them credit for that!

2.  This afternoon I had to go to Target to pick up a few supplies: dental floss, mints, insect extinction spray, and headache repellent.  While there I thought how much fun it would be to dress in a red shirt and khakis and walk around the store directing people to the wrong spot. Over the course of a few years I have amassed shirts, jackets, hats and patches of major stores from around the nation.  I have a blast going to Home Depot with my 84 Lumber outfit.  Sometimes I dress in my yard worker outfit at the local landscaping store, amazing how many people want me to cut their yard.  

Here is the invitation, dress like a Target worker and go to Target -- anyone can do it.  Trust me you will enjoy yourself, be over the top nice and see what happens.  Or tell folk the prices are better at Gap.  do not tell me you have nothing to do on a rainy weekend...

3.  A post on The Caucus , #23, tells me that the sign of the Gun Shop in St. Albans that John McCain visited last week reads: Guns, Archery, Salvation is Free.

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