11 May 2008

Theodicy, Leisurely Ride and Mudters (Valentines) Day

This morning I tried to tackle the issue of theodicy, specifically God's relation to the tragedy in Myanmar.  Although I find total congruence in my theology with the issue of a self-limiting God but it seems a bit philosophical for a sermon though.  So I took Gilkey's Maker of Heaven and Earth as my main resource.  His basic premises was: acknowledge finitude but also claim God's redemptive and loving work in Jesus.  His work helped me work out my own thoughts in a manner that I found helpful, exciting and approachable in a sermon.  

So how did the congregation take it?  One woman: that was fantastic.  One man: that was useless.  At least both extremes were covered!  

Today the VOR wanted to pack up the kids and bikes and head down to the bikepath.  I was a little hesitant b/c my bike is a road bike made for fitness and fast riding; the VOR's bike is a bike path bike and the kids, well they are kid bikes.  But I went anyway, with my clipless pedals and all.  The VOR, with #3 in town, and #1 went well ahead while me and #2 rode side-by-side.  Fact #1: it was a great ride.  Fact #2: it was the slowest I have ever ridden in my life.  

Today is also Mother's Day.  I do not celebrate it as a pastor.  I instead celebrate Mothering Sunday and honor our Mother Church (FBC in America) and all of those who mothered, nursed and birthed us as children of God.  I think this is a better pastoral option.

(What was Eric thinking giving his immunity idol away?)

#2 was very excited to celebrate Mutder's Day this morning, so excited he exclaimed: Happy Valentines Day mommy.

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