30 May 2008

Saying Goodbye...

Tomorrow at 1:30 I will head to the local Toyota dealership and hand over my Tacoma. Luckily my truck is part of the buyback program Toyota is undertaking. The money we are receiving for the vehicle is already accounted for, so the household is going to experiment with one automobile for a fair amount of time. I plan to ride my bike most places and plan out mine and the VOR's driving routes more efficiently. With gas at $4.05 a gallon not a bad timing.

The other day #1 got word that she is going to be in Nephew Esquire's wedding. Her response was the closest thing I have seen to Brandi Chastain celebration ever in my life. First, she rolled in the floor shouting Yes, Yes, Yes. Second, skipped around the kitchen singing "I'm gonna be in a wedding." Finally, just lots of exclamation. #2 is also going to be in the wedding. His reaction: No. But he is warming up to the idea, perhaps if we can find some dressy tuxedo sweatpants he will be fine.

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