06 June 2008

Presidential Thoughts

1. Now that Obama has garnered enough support to claim the nomination most news organizations are concentrating on the pick of the Vice President. I believe picking Hillary Rodham Clinton would not be prudent. I am therefore offering a long shot for the position: Senator Jay Rockefeller. Jay you say, are you serious? I am. Why? 1. Ambition, (I mention this first b/c of HRC but also b/c of the example of Dick Cheney (although he is not high on my list of favorite Americans his example of a VP w/o any presumptions of running for office again is quite compelling) Rockefeller did attempt a run in 92 but opted to stay in the Senate, but I cannot see him running for the office of President again. 2. Experience, everyone wants to point to military experience as the characteristic Obama needs for balance on the ticket. I however, believe, military experience should not be on the top of reasons for VP. What about Jay's experience as a VISTA worker in Appalachia? I believe he gives an embodied example of Obama's ideal of service for Americans.  3.  Environment,  Rockefeller is a big supporter of clean coal technology (as does Obama).  As I have said before clean coal is an oxymoron!  But perhaps they could offer a vision for Appalachia that ceases to tear and rip apart Appalachia.  Perhaps they would offer the possibility of forest reforestation, a different economy for the region.  (this is a long shot, indeed but it is a hope).  4.  China, the economy of the Asian empire will continue to dominate our economy for the next eight years, no doubt.  Rock, has extensive experience and relations with China.  

Next topic.  During fiddle class on Wednesday night we learned a tune written to an Robert Burns Piece:  This is No My Ain Lassie (No this (she) is not my only lady).  I sarcastically asked if we were learning this piece as a tribute to Bill Clinton, in light of Todd Purdum's Vanity Fair article?  Most laughed.

Also, there was a new student at class.  Every time there is a new student we have to introduce ourselves and say what we do when we are not playing the fiddle.  When it came turn to me I stated my name and then said I am an importer/exporter.  The  new student went really, what do you import:  I said potato chips.  At that point the class would not let my gig continue.  

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