11 June 2008


When I first arrived in Rhode Island I went down to the Brown University Bookstore and saw on their sale table an unabridged dictionary for $40.  I thought to myself I'll get it next time, there was not a next time.  For the next time I went there it was gone...  Last week I took the good Dr. down to the Brown Bookstore and guess what I found?  That's right an Unabridged Dictionary for $20.  I almost had the feeling, there is nothing more for me to accomplish in Providence.   But do material possessions really bring fulfillment, no - but this one really helps.

This week here in New England the thermometer blasted into the 90s.  The temperature in the 90s is not unusual here in August, but June - that is another story.  In the winter I have had to cancel Tuesday bible study due to snow but I never dreamt I would have to cancel bible study due to heat but that happened yesterday.  So how do we stay cool?  There is the key placement of two window unit air conditioners.  (As a child I always wondered why my father had the a/c in his room while my sister and I split a fan.  Now as a parent I understand, the a/c is a reward for being older.)  We also opened up the pool (a 4 X 6 kiddie pool).  We also made some rhubarb tea.  Rhubarb tea?  Oh yeah.  Take 4 cups of diced rhubarb (the red variety if you have it) and four cups of water.  Bring the water to a boil, then turn to a simmer for twenty minutes. Once cooled, strain out the rhubarb pulp, add sugar according to your likings and the zest of one lemon.  Sit back, place your feet in the kiddie pool and enjoy.  
The color, the color I cannot get over.
I am listening to a great sermon right now by Otis Moss, Jr and Otis Moss, III  go here for a listen.  Also go here for an interesting article on Rev. Wright possible unwillingness to give up the leadership at Trinity UCC.

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