21 June 2008

Being Young and Not Being Young

Today we invited some of #2's friends over for his "fake" birthday (as he called it). #2 said he once again wanted a Thomas the Tank Engine Party, but the VOR tried and tried to suggest otherwise - I suggested a Herbie the Love Bug Party (the kids watched the movie, the original, a couple of weeks ago and have not stopped talking about it.) The VOR got started on a cake yesterday, she googled herbie cakes, interestingly they were all british pages, and got started on her ideas. She decided to use a 7 minute frosting from Martha (but seven minutes turned into 45, which turned into drooping designs and near cursing VOR). So she took a deep breath, carved off the damage and made a buttercream frosting.

Here is the original, The VOR said it looked like Herbie when he came out of the Panama River - see Herbie Goes Bananas - I said she should say it is a Herbie crashes into a Birthday Cake. Later she told someone that I almost got slapped for that comment, funny cause she laughed when I said it, I too thought it was quite clever. After the VOR rehab this was the final product:
The party was a smashing hit.  We began with a water balloon toss, then moved to a round of musical chairs, then lunch and cake, finally opened presents...
This last picture is my favorite.  Yesterday I was sent out to get #2 a small present, for his "real" party we are getting him something more substantial.  I went to the red shirt and khaki pants Minnesota based store and found an entire aisle of water guns.  My eyes widened at the sight of the super soakers. (I have long held the theory that if you add the #1000 and then increase in thousand increments, regardless what the product is men will buy these like hot cakes, that is hotcakes 3000).  I automatically picked up the super soaker 5,000 it seemingly a gallon of water and shot it 100 feet.  Before I purchased it I had to think about kids dousing kids, eyes, noses, whines, & etc.  which caused me to rethink and pick up the dainty super soaker 1000.  #2 loved it!

Now on not being young.  Yesterday the VOR and I celebrated our 11th year of marriage.  (although today is actually our anniversary).  We went to our favorite French restaurant.  We had originally, we'll actually the VOR originally said, we should split an entree that way we can enjoy the appetizer meal, wine, and dessert.  But as we descended into the Bistro my stomach was having none of the splitting nonsense.  Verdict: fantastic meal but miserable bodies.  It is four o'clock -- the next day -- and I am still full (true I did have some food at the party but not that much).  She refers to herself as the Voice of Reason for a reason, hopefully for the next 11 years I will pay more attention to her sage advice.  

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