19 June 2008

Down to One

A few weeks ago I took my Toyota truck to the dealer, they bought it back -- now we are down to one car, the minivan. It is odd not having a truck, there has always been a truck in my family since I was born. The VOR and I have to sit down and plan our week out, who needs the car when and for how long, that kind of stuff. I thought it would be a little difficult but surprisingly it has been easier than I imagined.

Today I saw the fate of my truck. While going to get the van inspected a large semi truck took a hard left hand turn onto the road I was traveling on. Given the dimensions of the road, the angle of his turn and the size of his truck he could not make the turn. So he sat patiently while some cars up ahead of him moved forward. While the semi waited I gazed at the contents of his trailer: 12 smashed, compacted, crushed Toyota Tacomas. Was mine in there? Could not see exactly. The dealer told me the trucks would be salvaged for parts then crushed. The Toyotas I saw were neither salvaged nor rummaged through - they were simply crushed, some still had their license plates on them. I suppose they will be dumped off a bridge somewhere, turned into an artificial reef of some sort.

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