18 February 2009

Vacation All I Ever Wanted...

The family made it safely to WV. Unfortunately we all made it here feeling ill. Fevers, colds, sinus, achy bodies, sneezing fits, headaches, and ear infections (#2 had to go to the hospital last night).   Enough of that, allow me to share some first part reflections.

We made it halfway (Hershey, PA) the first night. The drive was long and tedious (lots of traffic in CT). But the drive was worth it as we checked into our hotel and the gentleman behind the desk pulled out a picnic basked full of Hershey Kisses and said "help yourself."

The next morning we moseyed over to the Hershey Pantry for a fantastic breakfast. The entire Norvell bunch had breakfast sandwiches: egg, cheese and bacon on a pretzel roll served with fried potatoes. Not to mention the muffins...
The meal was even better because two friends, Chad and Kelly, drove up to join us! After breakfast they showed us their new automobile: a Mini Cooper. After I heard Chad describe his car I thought hmm. I too have a Mini (I just do not have to tell people about the other half of its name: Van). Corny, I know but it did provide me with a hearty chuckle.

After pleasantries, checking out, and buying a birthday gift for my sister-in-law we headed back into the Mini and continued the journey. Along the way we stopped at a rest area and I saw this:Several years ago on route to Washington DC I picked up a good friend in NYC. As we headed south on 95 we too stopped at a rest area to grab some lunch. As my buddy climbed into the vehicle he realized his sandwich was plain and sadly said: "Ah man I didn't stop at the fixins bar." He was serious. I said go back in man, we have time and he did. Ever since then anytime I see a "fixins bar" I laugh, hope you do too.

Forthcoming will be some pictures from my sister-in-law's surprise 50th birthday party, fast new shoes, #1's birthday party, and general tom foolery - probably not till we return to RI.

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