27 February 2009

Even Bono?

Yesterday #1 had her first soccer game of the year. The VOR and I were given specific instructions not to cheer, call out her name, or anything else that I suppose would fall under the embarrassing parental excitement category. Needless to say we cheered and #1 never even noticed.

As I took a five minute break from writing the sermon (the first week in Lent is always tough one not because of content but because of Fat Tuesday and Ash Wednesday festivities) this link caught me eye.

Even if your father is Bono your kids are embarrassed by you. Oh well.

One final note, the box of Girl Scout cookies is about to do me in. We have to get rid of these things. Funny how the craving of the cookies convinces makes you say the most irrational things like, "If we eat them all in a hurry then they will be gone and we will stop eating them."

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darin said...

Well, I think #1's fears are well founded considered the fact that you told Miroslav Volf that he was taller in person than in his pictures when we went to Yale to hear him lecture... I thought I would just DIE!!!!