25 February 2009

Mardi Madness and General Materials

I was rather pleased with my children yesterday. I dressed up in a totally ridiculous outfit yesterday. When I walked #1 to school she was not the least bit embarrassed or discouraged, in fact she kind of liked it (although some of the mothers who were dropping off their kids looked at me in abject horror, all because I did not match? come on). And then there was #2, normally the kid is as shy as a bobcat but yesterday at the church's Mardi Gras party he eagerly wore his hat and mask. #3 well, he was all over the place yesterday - rather full of himself - he played the piano, jumped up and down, ate pancakes, and had greatly contributed to the wild rumpus.

While on vacation last week I took my cassock to be dry cleaned. Taking it to the cleaners is always an exciting adventure because the people working there never have a clue how to classify it. They have put it under gown, wedding gown, dress, special garment, but finally it was classified under the correct rubric: uniform.
While on vacation my mother, and the First Family went to the Charleston Town Center to pick up some birthday presents for the kids. #1 wanted a pair of Chuck Taylor tennis shoes. Since we were at a shoe shop #2 and #3 decided they wanted shoes too. #2 tried his on and I asked him to show me how fast they were. How fast were they? So fast I could not capture him!
Being at the mall we decided to also pick up an ice cream cake for #1's party. As we bought it the VOR asked the kid working there if he could write on it, he said no. So the VOR took matters into her own hands and asked if she could write on it, he said sure thing.Afterwards we arrived back at my mother's and had at it.Then it was time to clean up (#3 has an unusual affection for vacuum cleaners and brooms.)When we arrived back in RI I had to go over to the library to pick up a title that was suggested. Our local library did not have the particular volume so I went over to the neighboring town to check it out. I love going to this library, what other public libraries are located in a former Cisterican Monastery? What other public library has a hall like this?
Finally, yesterday I received a letter at work concerning a member. The member happens to work at the large insurance company headquarters here in town. Apparently the company encourages employees to volunteer at local non-profit organizations. So the letter came explaining the program and informing me that the church member would be volunteering soon. So far so good. However, when I examined the letter closely I noticed the odd opening salutation: Dear Ms. Norvell.

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