22 February 2009

Back in the Habit

We arrived back in "wodeilan" - the new phonetic pronunciation by #3 of our state (yes, it is all one word) Friday evening.   Yesterday we slept in, unpacked and started to get back to normal.  

I am not posting the sermon from this morning, my publisher said I need to stop publishing my sermons online if they are ever going to make it into a book.  (That's not true I just wanted to say that.)  Nevertheless the sermon will not make it online because I am entering it in a contest later on this year.  (that really is true).  

Speaking of sermons.  I spent a good part of this morning going through the pile of the NY Times from last week.  While reading through my pile I discovered a review of Nine Lives: Death and Life in New Orleans by Dan Baum.  Go to the review and read the last two paragraphs concerning preaching and let me know what you think.
After I get home from worship every Sunday I always go down to the local news stand and purchase a copy of the Sunday Boston Globe.  And every week the proprietor points to the masthead and inquires in absolute puzzlement, "You want the Globe?"  I say yes and he rings me up.  This routine went on for about five weeks before he realized my habitual desire for The Globe.  Last Sunday I was in WV and unable to purchase the paper, this afternoon I went down to patronize the news stand and guess what he asked me?  You guessed it, "You want The Globe?"  

More to come from the trip to WV as the week progresses...

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