09 February 2009

A Few Notes to Share

1. The Sermon I posted earlier -- I forgot to give proper credit for the title. I need to say I swiped the sermon title while listening to a pile of Dave McKenna cds I found his version of Three Little Words. If you are not familiar with Mr. McKenna please take some time and listen to his portfolio of recordings. Fresh Air did a nice tribute to him right before Thanksgiving. There is also a nice tribute page all about Dave here. Below is a video I found on Youtube. What set Dave apart was the use of his left hand, he plays it as a bass. A good friend is a pianist and he cannot for the life of him imitate Dave's style. Enjoy:

2. Today I went to #2's class to volunteer. I worked with kids on reading, sounding out words, and helped out with snack by refilling their glasses. I walked around and looked at the kids and asked if they wanted regular or decaf. The kids would look at me very confused, point to the juice I was holding in my hand, and say that stuff please. Amazing how a pack of 5 & 6 year olds can intimidate you.

3. Today #1's Girl Scout troop received a handful of badges. I tried to take some pictures but #s 2 & 3 were keeping me quite busy (the VOR is also the troop leader). Here is the best I could do:

4. Finally, today #1 picked up a book I was reading today and asked, dad who is Louis Armstrong. I told her a little about him. Then she asked: Is he related to Neil Armstrong?

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