01 February 2009

Start Walking

I grew up on the outskirts of town, on top of a rather steep and lengthy hill that laid right outside of city limits yet not formally designated as out in the sticks.  I had to walk home from school pretty much every day.  I did not mind, honestly I did not.  I even fashioned a shortcut through the cemetery.  My father never said he would be there to pick me up after school, he only would say "start walking and I'll meet you."  By 'meet you' meant by the time I would be just about to the driveway he would be in the truck about to start it.

This evening, in preparation for the forthcoming family trip, I was figuring up some mileage on google maps.  While looking at the different routes from RI to WV I noticed a new application which allows you to search for directions via car, public transportation, or walking.  

Here you go folks, if I were to start walking from Lincoln, RI to St. Albans, WV here is the route I would take:
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